Differences between no-drill blinds and fitted blind
Date: 31.05.2024

The differences between no-drill blinds and fitted blinds

By allowing you to control the light levels from your roof window, blinds provide privacy and protection when required. Here at RW4Y, we stock a wide variety of flat roof window blinds in a range of styles that seamlessly blend with a variety of home décor styles. If you’re wondering which to select, we’ve covered the key differences between no-drill blinds and fitted blinds below.

room with centre pivot roof windows

What is the difference between fitted and no-drill blinds?

Blinds add the finishing touches to any roof window, helping to protect against heat loss, solar gain and UV, while also reducing noise from hail and rain in the colder months.

The main difference is that fitted blinds require more steps for installation and fitting than no-drill blinds. This is a small consideration for the overall effect they create though, and there are plenty of reasons to opt for fitted blinds.

How do no-drill blinds work?

No-drill blinds don’t require any tools or hardware to install, vastly reducing DIY requirements. This simple fitting process involves measuring the width of the recess at the top of your window and the drop before selecting the fabric. Once installed, no-drill blinds use a plastic operating chain for opening and closing.

The quick and easy installation makes them an appealing option for homeowners and businesses who need to quickly add blinds to a space for privacy and comfort.

room with centre pivot roof windows
room with centre pivot roof windows

No-drill blinds: advantages and disadvantages

The advantages of no-drill blinds include:

  • An easy installation process that doesn’t require specialist tools or skills
  • Cordless design for a sleek finish
  • Easy removal and reinstallation if required, making them ideal for renters.

There are some disadvantages, including:

  • The adhesive used means they may not be suitable for very hot and humid climates
  • No-drill blinds aren’t as durable as traditional fitted blinds and may require replacing more frequently, but they should still last for several years if maintained properly.

How do fitted blinds work?

Fitted blinds are professionally installed and made to measure, fitting the exact dimensions of your window space. With fitted blinds, you benefit from installation accessories such as under-felt collars with thermo-insulation and air-tight flashing for complete protection of your fitted roof window.

These prolong the life of the window, ensuring the proper draining of any moisture.

One of the many reasons to buy fitted blinds is that you can choose from a broad selection of materials for the desired finish. Sheer fabrics provide privacy while still allowing light to enter a room, making them ideal for bathrooms and rooms facing busy main roads. On the other end of the spectrum, blackout blinds completely block the light out to create a dark environment, perfect for shift workers who need to sleep through the day.

room with centre pivot roof windows
room with centre pivot roof windows

Fitted blinds: advantages and disadvantages

The advantages of fitted blinds include:

  • Custom-design to perfectly align with your windows
  • More effective light control, privacy and energy efficiency than alternative blinds
  • A wide range of styles and materials to fit the design aesthetics of every space
  • Easy wipe-down finish to prevent the buildup of dust and dirt
  • Greater safety measures to prevent cords from tangling and getting trapped by children or pets.

The disadvantages include:

  • Potentially tricky to clean due to the close fit to the window, but many designs are easily detachable for cleaning
  • Some styles and fabrics may have a higher cost, but there are a variety of options to choose from
  • The installation process, but with the support of a professional, this can be easily completed.

RW4Y also offers installation guides with clear instructions to support DIY installation.

Choose FAKRO for seamless blinds installation

By accurately adjusting accessories to fit FAKRO roof windows, RW4Y ensures quick and easy assembly.

Our extensive range of installation guides means that whichever style of fitted blinds you select, we’ll be able to help.

Contact us today to learn how we can make it simpler to select the perfect fitted blinds and install them in your home.


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