RW4Y | A complete guide to skylight blinds and how to use them
Date: 02.05.2024

Your guide to skylight blinds and how to use them

Skylight blinds are a stylish choice to add to your home, with a number of practical benefits. Whether you’re looking for internal roof window blinds or external roof window blinds, this guide has you covered. We’ll also explore Z-Wave (electric) and solar-powered options, which come in a variety of designs to suit you. In this guide to skylight blinds and how to use them, we’ll cover a range of useful information to help you select the right option for your home, from how to measure accurately to selecting the right colour.

room with centre pivot roof windows

How to measure for skylight blinds

Before you buy blinds it’s important to measure both the height and width of the window you plan to fit a blind to. But with FAKRO roof windows you don’t need to measure any part of the window before ordering a blind, as the size you need is on the metal ID plate (located on the right-hand side of the sash). 

This label makes identification of the product details, such as window type and size, easy. The size of the window should look something like ’78/98′.  In this case, you’d need to order a 78cm x 98cm blind. 

If your window is a custom size (meaning it needs a custom size blind) the measurement will also be on the ID plate. Speak with the RW4Y digital team to receive the price and place an online order.

All FAKRO skylight blinds are designed and manufactured to fit FAKRO windows, so you can be sure of a great fit.

Types of protection


Our external awning blinds are a great way to control and reduce light in a room. These blinds use a smart fabric, which is eight times more effective at reducing heat than regular internal blinds, to absorb solar radiation. This makes them the ideal choice to stop a room overheating in warmer weather. 


External awning blinds
room with centre pivot roof windows


We have a range of internal roof window blinds products, perfect for giving you privacy and shielding you from UV rays on sunny days. Choose from blackout blinds, venetian blinds, roller blinds or flat roof window blinds. 


Z-Wave and solar roof window blinds

Our stylish electric control roof window blinds use the Z-Wave electrical system – a wireless radio protocol and 12V electrical drive. This is built into the blind and allows for easy opening and closing using a remote control or wall-mounted switch. 

How to choose the colour

The style and colour of your blinds can impact the look and feel of the room as a whole. We have a range of colours and textures to choose from, making the task of finding blinds that work well with your current décor and colour schemes easier than you might expect.

room with colourful blinds on centre pivot roof windows
room with centre pivot roof windows

How to clean skylight blinds

Regular cleaning will keep your skylight blinds looking their best and help them to continue functioning reliably. It’s always worth looking at the manual for your specific blinds to keep them in the best condition, but a simple dusting with a soft, dry cloth can make a difference and prevent grime build-up. You can also gently use a vacuum with a soft furnishings brush attachment.

Get in touch with the RW4Y team

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about our FAKRO skylight blinds, please get in touch with us. A friendly member of our team will be happy to help.


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