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Date: 23.09.2019
Author: James Smith

Should I Upgrade to External Roof Window Blinds?

During the hotter months of the year, lofts tend to develop scorching hot temperatures – making them less enjoyable places to be. While internal roof window blinds are effective at preventing sunlight from penetrating a room, there are more efficient ways to prevent your loft from overheating!


Reducing heat gain is perhaps the most prevailing benefit of external awning blinds. FAKRO’s AMZ blinds provide optimum protection against excessive heat gain. In fact, the AMZ is up to eight times more effective at preventing a room from overheating than conventional internal blinds. But why? This is because it reflects the sun’s intense rays before they can reach the glass.

This contributes to minimised temperatures and a cooler, more comfortable living space – while allowing the ingress of natural light, meaning visibility isn’t compromised.

In addition to this, AMZ blinds also provide protection against harmful UV radiation!

The below illustrates heat radiation in %.

1 – Window without blind: g = 61%

2 – Window with internal blind: g = 37%

3 – Window with external blind: g = 4-14%


When in the open position, FAKRO’s awning blinds do not obstruct the viewing area of a window – unlike internal blinds, in which runners trespass slightly onto the glazing area. Therefore, scenic views can be admired and remain non-interrupted with an AMZ blind while shade is provided.

Ingenious Design

Boasting sleek, elegant aesthetics, the AMZ is constructed using high quality materials. Its profiles, at the core of the unit, are manufactured from extruded aluminium and finished with a lacquer of modified polyester. As a consequence, a rigid and robust structure is ensured. The actual fabric is durable, weather resistant fibre glass; this material is roller mounted, spring loaded and neatly tucks away into aluminium casing installed at top of the window.

Whatever the elements throw at it, the AMZ has a high wind resistance, so won’t be disrupted by vicious gusts of wind (class 3 as per EN 13561). Additionally, due to their nature, the AMZ also reduces the sound of rain, helping drown out distracting noise!

Installation Guides Available

This accessory attaches externally to FAKRO roof windows. Installation is a simple process for the classic manual AMZ. All that’s required is the unscrewing of the four existing screws, then re-screwing them with your new blind attached.

While more complex, the Z-Wave (electrically operated) and solar versions are straightforward to install. Regardless, we have both installation guides and videos to aid you during the fitting process.

Different Operating Mechanisms (and Colours!) to Choose From

Whether you’re after something manual or automatic, we have an AMZ blind for you.

If you opt for the manual option, the blind is operated using a ZSZ Control Rod (supplied with the product). On the other hand, the Z-Wave version is controlled via a wall switch or remote control – it’s completely down to your preference! Lastly, the solar option opens and closes by itself, depending on the level of sunlight detected by the solar panel.

Additionally, we have a range of colours to choose from; all of these are mutually subtle and aren’t offensive to the design of your home. From white, to grey, to brown. These have 10% relative transparency.

Worth the Investment

Manual awning blinds aren’t a huge investment, they’re actually lower in cost than many internal blackout blinds! On the other hand, while a larger investment, Z-Wave and solar blinds provide an enhanced comfort of use – for example, you can leave them half open to achieve the perfect balance of sunlight and cool temperatures.

In conclusion, you should consider upgrading to external blinds after all! With increasingly unpredictable weather, the AMZ is robust, durable and reflects those unbearably hot rays of sunshine.

For more information on AMZ Awning Blinds or any of the FAKRO range call 0333 600 9090 or contact us today. Alternatively, read more of our articles here or read about the characteristics of the AMZ here.

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