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Date: 01.08.2019
Author: James Smith

How to Choose the Right Roof Window Installer

Several factors must be taken into consideration – these will help ensure the installer you choose has the qualities and experience to successfully integrate your new FAKRO roof windows into your home. In this article we discuss these various factors and why they will ultimately help you settle on the right installer.

Can they demonstrate any examples of their past work?

A picture tells a thousand words, more than a simple review can (more about reviews later!), and details of previous installations are a good indication of the quality and standards of an installer. If you can see the standards of their service, you can make a more informed decision as to whether or not you can trust them to install your roof window.

Online reviews give you an insight into the experience of others who were in your situation. A genuine evaluation by previous customers boasts a range of positives, like identifying whether or not the installer is reputable. This helps to highlight the advantages and disadvantages of an installer, and gives you an idea of what to expect.

Pay particular attention to whether or not these reviews are 5 stars – if not, why? How did the installer respond? Were they willing to amend any issues? Were lower review ratings fair and proportionate? This will demonstrate how much they prioritise and value their customers along with their experience.

And remember – if it looks too good to be true, it probably is. Can you really trust that an installer displays nothing but 5 star reviews? It’s far smarter to look at the detail within a set of reviews to understand how an installer has responded to problems. This detail will help you understand if they were helpful when things didn’t go to plan.

Have they installed FAKRO roof windows before? / Do they understand the different components of the roof window?

It may be beneficial if the installer you’re considering has experience fitting FAKRO roof windows. As a result, they will be more familiar with the various window and flashing components required for installation, and more likely to finish to a high-quality standard.

Are they part of a certification scheme – such as CERTASS or the NFRC?

t’s important that the installer you choose is a member of a certification scheme. Essentially this confirms their competence, abilities, professionalism and workmanship – an official document authorised by an expert is a valuable piece of information that shouldn’t be overlooked! If approved by a certification scheme such as CERTASS or the NFRC (National Federation of Roofing Contractors), you can ensure your roof windows are in experienced hands.

Have you heard someone recommend them?

If people around you have only positive experiences with an installer and would recommend them, definitely research and look into them. Even if this is a local installer, they might actually be more likely to perform a high-quality installation due to reliance on word of mouth.

Are they able to put you in contact with previous customers?

Sometimes an installer will have references from previous clients who’ve agreed to discuss their experience and end results with potential customers. They might even let you visit to check out the work. This really valuable feedback will give you a perspective into how your home could look, and how the installer delivers on their promises.

Do they have a website and a landline?

Giving a sense of reliability and credibility, a website conveys both professionalism and commitment – characteristics that you will definitely want your installer to possess. Additionally, it makes the process of navigating and researching said installer much easier. A trusted and verified phone number and address gives a sense of reassurance that the installer is both legitimate and available to be contacted if you need them.

What guarantees do they offer?

When an installer offers a guarantee on their work, this signifies confidence in their abilities and that they will complete the installation to a certain standard. Therefore, if you’re not satisfied, the installer should address and modify any issues covered under the agreement.

Are they asking for payment upfront?

Upfront payment in-part can be quite normal within the building trade, so you may be expecting such an arrangement from a window installer too. Upfront payment isn’t necessarily something to worry about. My Builder suggests that an upfront payment of 15-25% may be considered normal, usually to get the job started and purchase materials. The choice in these circumstances is at your discretion.

While purchasing building materials online or in store usually requires payment in full prior to receiving the goods, payment for work by trades people in your home can sometimes be different. For example some installers may ask for a part payment at the beginning of works, which helps them source materials and cover their costs. Others may only require payment in full when the work is complete and signed off. Whichever payment option is requested, you should feel comfortable that what you’re being asked to do fits with your expectations. In short – when discussing any sort of maintenance or improvements to your home, part of the quote and then final contract should clearly detail all payment responsibilities, dates and works schedules prior to commencement.

In conclusion, ensure thorough research is performed and consider all of the points mentioned above. This will make finding the right roof window installer a smooth process, thus making the installation of your new FAKRO roof windows an exciting journey and problem free experience.

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