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Date: 13.06.2024

What type of window is best for a flat roof?

If you’re in the market for a new window for your flat roof, the two main options are flat roof windows or domed roof windows. Both are suitable for flat roofs, but their unique characteristics will determine which best meets your requirements. We’ll compare the design, features and characteristics of both windows to determine what type of window is best for a flat roof in your home.

Living room with flat roof windows

Design and structure

The flat roof window frame is manufactured with multi-chamber PVC profiles. These profiles are made from a material with very low moisture absorption, so the windows are suitable for every room of the home.

If security is a particular concern, FAKRO’s secure flat roof windows meet European burglary resistance class RC 2 as per EN 1627, for added peace of mind. Equipped with additional security features and characterised by a very high-class B fire resistance according to PN-EN 13501-1, they also help to minimise the risk of fire spreading.

FAKRO domed roof windows are made from high-quality, durable polycarbonate, providing high resistance to shattering and adverse weather conditions. Domed roof windows are also available as non-opening, manual or electrically operated in a wide range of sizes, depending on the functionality of your space.

Material and construction

FAKRO flat roof windows are available in two types of glazing:

      • DU6: triple glazed, highly energy-efficient
      • P2: double glazed, toughened outer pane

Specially designed sash shapes and frame profiles mean these flat roof windows can also offer up to 16% bigger glazed areas than other providers.


External view of domed roof window
External view of flat roof window

Did you know?

The FAKRO DXW flat roof window received the prestigious ICONIC AWARDS: Innovative Architecture – Best of Best in 2018. With a specially strengthened sash and frame, it can be installed completely flush with the roofline. Enhanced load-bearing capacity and a lasting, non-slip glass mean you can safely walk across its surface.

Water drainage and waterproofing

All FAKRO windows are designed to be highly resistant to rain and hail. Each glazing unit also comes with the highest impact resistance class, so you get the same hard-wearing quality from both flat and domed roof windows.

External view of flat roof window

Light transmission and light diffusion

Flat roof windows illuminate the interior of a home by allowing more natural light to enter the room from above. They’re ideal for spaces where it isn’t possible to install a vertical window, or there may not be enough light with existing windows, bringing home interiors to life.

Domed roof windows and skylights provide maximum daylight entry for spaces where conventional flat roof windows can’t provide adequate daylight and ventilation.

If you’d like better control over the intensity of light entering your space the AMZ external awning blind is a flexible accessory. If you require more cover from intense sunlight, the ARF/D internal blackout blind protects against harsh sunlight.

Ventilation and airflow

At RW4Y, we stock a wide range of FAKRO manual and electrically opened flat roof windows and domed roof windows to allow for full control over airflow. Non-opening models such as the walk-on triple glazed flat roof window and non-opening double glazed momed flat roof window are also available for spaces where the only priority is to bring in natural light.

External view of domed roof window
External view of flat roof window

Energy efficiency and insulation

FAKRO flat roof windows and domed roof windows boast high thermal insulation performance, preventing heat loss in winter and excessive heat penetration in summer. The PVC profiles are filled with insulating material, making them an economical addition to an energy-efficient home, that reduces the energy consumed to heat a space. Choose from windows with a single, double or triple chamber glazing unit to experience superior ‘windows insulation‘.

Aesthetic considerations

Because of their high resistance to intense sunlight, rain and snow, flat roof windows maintain functionality and appearance for many years.

The specially profiled covering material under the frame drip cap maintains a sleek finish by enabling the finishing of the window connection with the roofing material. This is particularly appealing if you’re concerned about the exterior appearance of your home.

Domed roof windows are more visible from the outside due to their raised height, but this is a subtle enhancement to the home’s appearance.

Flat roof windows can also provide safe and convenient roof access. Specially designed hinges allow the sash to be opened to 80 degrees for 90 x 90 and 100 x 100 sizes, or 60 degrees for 90 x 120 and 120 x 120 sizes. Gas springs also keep the sash stable whilst the window is open, protecting against accidental closing.

External view of flat roof window

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