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Date: 06.09.2018
Author: James Smith

FAKRO Supports Ecology and Energy-Efficiency in Roof Windows

South Derbyshire based roof window manufacturer FAKRO does not only pay attention to the smallest details when developing its innovative solutions, but also understands the importance ecology. To encourage an ethical ecological approach the company primarily focuses on conscious actions to protect the environment, in short, what FAKRO can do to reduce and/or reuse. Products made by FAKRO along with their production process are energy saving and eco-friendly. Pro-ecological attitudes can be observed in acquiring raw materials, mainly wood from areas with planned forest management, using natural and eco-friendly products in the productions process and rational waste management.

Using sheep wool as an insulation material for roof windows

To ensure excellent thermal insulation performance, FAKRO uses natural and specially impregnated sheep’s wool as an insulator. Its appropriate density and high elasticity perfectly fills gaps around the window. By applying such flexible thermal insulation, it provides a universal method to insulate the roof window irrespective of the installation opening size. Sheep’s wool is a natural and sustainable product, it is odourless, skin neutral and does not cause irritation to the eyes during assembly.

And the wood used? more About sustainable forest resources

The primary raw material used by FAKRO within the production of their wooden roof windows and loft ladders is sourced from the highest quality pinewood. This natural material is obtained from areas with sustainable forest management that have FSC and/or PEFC certification. FAKRO products manufactured using this wood are FSC certified.

Ecological varnishes

When choosing measures to protect the wooden elements of FAKRO roof windows natural surroundings are taken into consideration and are reflected wherever possible. For example, to restrict emissions of volatile organic compounds, FAKRO predominantly applies eco-friendly waterborne varnishes.

"We heat up production and office spaces in all companies belonging to the FAKRO Group in an ecological way."

Janusz Qlodarczyk​
FAKRO Administration Director

FAKRO Production waste management

Globally, FAKRO strives to prevent production waste formation and reduce quantities of waste wherever possible. Being a huge believer in recycling and helping reduce waste, FAKRO recycle and recover wherever they can. For example the wood-waste generated during the production process is used by FAKRO without harmful emissions causing damage to the environment. Janusz Qlodarczyk, FAKRO’s Administration Director commented, ‘We heat up production and office spaces in all companies belonging to the FAKRO Group in an ecological way. The source of energy used for this purpose is biomass which is acquired from the production process waste mixed with chips of energy willow.’

With these and other pro-ecological actions, FAKRO implements the assumptions of the Europe 2020 strategy. In accordance to them, 20% of energy should come from renewable energy sources.

To find out more about FAKRO products or their group ecology credentials please call 01283 554755 or contact us here.

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