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Date: 02.10.2019
Author: James Smith

How Eco-Friendly are Roof Windows?

Globally, we are becoming more aware of the impact we are having on the environment. Since the showing of 2018's Blue Planet II series which featured the dangerous effects of plastic within our oceans, campaigns to reduce single use plastics have been widely shared.

It is now time to take action across the construction sector. With this in mind, roof windows have advanced significantly over the years with the introduction of many innovations that are sustainable.

As awareness increases, businesses are designing and developing products, ensuring they are less harmful to the planet. With such offerings available across the window market, people are adapting to positive change.

Why not adopt these changes to your renovations? If you’re wondering how roof windows are becoming more eco-friendly please continue reading.

The Right Roof Windows Can Help Reduce Costs

Insulating your property with energy efficient roof windows is an excellent choice if you would like to minimise your energy bills. Standard building regulations state energy efficiency is a must and you will be provided with any necessary calculations when choosing a roof window.

Energy efficient glazing helps to reduce carbon footprints whether you are using double or triple glazing – you could even consider installing quadruple glazing.

Are there many benefits to installing roof windows with a great thermal performance? Absolutely, these include:

  • An efficient glazing unit helps to decrease heat loss therefore providing a more comfortable home.
  • Windows are available with built-in ventilation or without air vents. These can be closed to insulate the home and block out external noise.
  • Low U-Values (the lower the U-Value number, a greater performing window).

Deciding on which glazing type to have is extremely important. Double glazing has two sheets of glass with a gap in between, roughly 15mm which creates an insulating barrier to retain heat. For example, FAKRO roof windows are filled with argon whereas their triple glazed units are filled with krypton and has three sheets of glass.

Once you have chosen the most suitable glazing option (preferably a low emissivity type), you are automatically creating a warmer environment for your home. Ensuring you have the right glazing installed will prevent unnecessary heat loss and reduce the amount of energy used within the property.

Windows that are equipped with a built-in ventilation system are a fundamental feature in providing natural air flow to achieve a comfortable indoor climate. The continuous air flow will see your household use lower levels of energy on items like an electric fan during those summer months.

We also have to take into consideration the importance of natural light. If you are able to install your windows on the south-facing side of the property you will reign in the benefits. You are essentially inviting the warmth in and keeping those radiators switched off – saving you money and enjoying those spectacular views.

Below is an example of how sheep’s wool is used as insulation on FAKRO roof windows

It’s time to recycle

More and more the word ‘sustainability’ is finally appearing in day to day life whether that’s in conversation or across the Internet. Is it a phase? Here at FAKRO we don’t believe so. There are lots of items which are now allowed to be recycled and it is time to change our habits and recycle what we can.

Companies are tackling waste management by implementing new strategies and introducing recycling plants for specific materials, such as PVC. But let’s not forget about recycling wood which can be adapted across roof window manufacturers as FAKRO have demonstrated. Their ‘waste treatment system’ has been a success in salvaging unused wood to produce energy. Wood waste is recycled and recovered during the production process which reduces the release of harmful emissions to the environment.

Let’s say you have had your roof window for 20 years and would like to upgrade it. Did you know you are able to strip down the window for recycling? With aluminium being amongst one of the most reusable building materials, it can be continuously recycled without losing its appearance or strength. Taking the window apart and recycling the aluminium elements, glass panes and the wooden frame is extremely beneficial for the environment. These are items that do not belong in a landfill site.

Are Roof Windows Eco-Friendly?

The answer to this question is yes, roof windows are extremely eco-friendly and will continue to support sustainable housing. So when you’re next working on a renovation project consider researching how you can recycle your old windows and replace them with new modern eco-friendly roof windows.

To find out more about FAKRO roof windows and how they have been incorporated into a project for the NHS and their palliative care services, read here.

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