Are outdoor roof window blinds worth it? A homeowner’s guide
Date: 13.06.2024

Are outdoor roof window blinds worth it?

There are several reasons you might be considering upgrading to outdoor blinds for your roof windows. Whether it's protecting your home against sunlight and UV damage or adding extra style to your exterior, blinds are a great investment. We understand that making an investment in your home needs to be an informed decision. That’s why we’ve shared a guide on how outdoor roof window blinds can improve your home and some insights into our extensive range.

Privacy and security

In heavily populated urban areas, it can be trickier to maintain privacy when windows overlook busy streets or multi-storey buildings. Outdoor roof window blinds can limit onlooker visibility whilst still allowing light to enter. You can still have a great view of the outdoors, without lacking privacy.

Protection against sunlight

Intense sunlight throughout the day can be disruptive. For those who work from home, it can make it difficult to read screens, but it can also be generally uncomfortable. Adjustable external blinds allow you to control and limit the amount of sunlight entering your space. So, you can let more in during the early hours of the day to brighten your space but also limit your exposure to intense afternoon sunshine.

Temperature control

Do you find that your loft traps a lot of heat in the summer? Outdoor roof blinds shade your loft space, helping to reduce the amount of heat that enters during the warmer months. Manual awning blinds are the ideal solution for homes that can’t escape the stuffy summer heat as they offer optimal protection to prevent your space from overheating.

All FAKRO external awning blinds use a smart fabric to absorb solar radiation. The result is a blind that is 8x more effective at reducing heat than regular internal blinds.

Product spotlight

Awning blinds: AMZ New Line

  • Up to 8x more effective protection compared to internal blackout blinds
  • Effective shading of the room whilst providing a view of the outside
  • Manually operated or with the use of a control rod (supplied with the blind)
  • AMZ Z-Wave system: controlled by a remote control or wall switch
  • AMZ Solar: controlled by a remote control (recommended in places where there is no 230v power supply)

External roller shutters: ARZ

  • Effective shading and protection from tiresome heat
  • Colour matched to FAKRO window (RAL 7022)
  • Increased security and feeling of privacy
  • Acoustic protection against external noise
  • ARZ-H: operated manually from the inside with a crank (supplied in the package)
  • ARZ Z-Wave system: controlled by remote control or wall switch
  • ARZ Solar: controlled by remote control (recommended in places where there is no 230v power supply)

Noise reduction

You might not automatically associate outdoor blinds with noise reduction. But some window coverings can muffle sounds in street-facing rooms and help to reduce overall noise. However, if noise interference is a big concern for your home, you may need to invest in more effective measures such as wall insulation and upgraded windows.

Style and functionality

It goes without saying that at RW4Y, we stock an impressive range of outdoor blinds that don’t compromise on style or functionality. Every FAKRO exterior window blind is designed to customise the light levels entering your home. But they also have a high-quality finish in durable materials, with a range of colours to suit your home’s style.

Product spotlight

Awning blind: AMZ/F Solar

  • Automatic operation of the blind due to photovoltaic panels acting as a sensor and reacting to solar radiation
  • High insolation levels trigger the awning blind to unroll and automatically roll back up in cloudy weather
  • Powered by a solar battery pack
  • Automatic operation or remote control (remote control not included)

Speak to our team today

So, with all these benefits they bring, are outdoor roof window blinds worth it? In short, yes.

If you’re interested in purchasing some FAKRO outdoor roof window blinds for your home, our friendly and knowledgeable team is on hand to help you.

Give us a call on 0333 600 9090 or contact us online.


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