FAKRO Flat Roof Window - Skylights

FAKRO flat roof windows offer an abundance of natural light. The specially designed shape of the window profile has a secure glazing area up to 16% greater than those of competitors while the frame of the flat roof window is constructed of multi-chamber PVC profiles filled with insulation material. The upper part of the window has an innovative flat glazing unit where the external glass is toughened and reflects the sun rays while the internal pane is anti-burglary Class P2A. Should the pane crack, shards of glass do not pose a danger but remain on the laminate film.

Also available are FAKRO domed roof windows.

FAKRO flat roof windows are available with two glazing units:

Energy-efficient, DU6 triple-glazed unit with a whole window U-value of 0.70 W/m2K (EN 14351-1).

Quadruple glazing unit DU8 with a whole window U-value of 0.64 W/m2K (EN 14351-1). Such excellent performance makes the window suitable for use in passive buildings.

Also, in addition to standard sizes, type F windows can be manufactured in any size (in the range of 60x60 - 120x120cm). This enables existing skylights to be replaced with ease.

  • Windows can be mounted on an additional XRD base with a height of 15cm, for installation in green or living roofs.
  • The type F flat roof window is suitable for roof pitches between 2° and 15°.
  • The structure of the window enables installation of internal as well as external accessories.