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Date: 11.03.2019
Author: James Smith

The Eco Credentials of FAKRO Roof Windows

How 'green' are FAKRO roof windows? Eco-friendly products are an essential part of the manufacturing process used by global roof window manufacturer FAKRO.

How Does FAKRO promote pro-ecological attitude and values in roof windows?

One primary component used by FAKRO roof windows and loft ladders is ‘Redwood Pine’ renowned for its strength and renewable properties.

However, it doesn’t end there, in order to maintain our ‘Sustainability Ethos’, we source this exceptional wood only from forests signed up to a strict management system. In short the numbers of trees grown outweigh the number of those felled. As a consequence, FAKRO carry ‘FSC Certification’, confirming that timber materials are harvested from professionally and ethically managed forests.

It is not only wood that is sourced to encourage this ‘Eco-Friendly’ ethos. FAKRO use sheep wool as an insulating material. We believe that there is no more natural and sustainable resource which also provides excellent thermal insulation.

FSC Certified Wood for FAKRO Roof Windows

Following the harvesting process, FAKRO pinewood is applied with a specialised eco-friendly waterborne varnish which is vital in restricting the emission of potentially dangerous compounds.

As we all know using sustainable products is not the only concern when maintaining an ecological regime. Waste management plays a crucial role in the production process and FAKRO recycle and recover wherever possible. An important example of this is any excess wood generated throughout the production process is dealt with sympathetically. The wood is utilised in the generation of heat and construction works, thus preventing additional harmful emissions entering the environment.

FAKRO’s journey to maintain and improve its green credentials includes roof windows which reach the end of their life. All parts of a FAKRO roof window are ‘recyclable’, when stripped down to their individual elements. This includes any PVC extruded elements which can be re-ground and used up to 10 times in new windows and doors, each with an average life-span of 30 years.

Read the full story on how FAKRO use sheep wool.

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