FAKRO powered by solar energy

Nowadays, people all over the world can hear about the catastrophic consequences of the degraded environment and the Earth’s natural resources. The European Green Deal obliges EU countries to significantly reduce CO2 emissions and consequently to complete climate neutrality in 2050. FAKRO takes further steps in response to these challenges and in cooperation with Columbus Energy S.A started installing photovoltaic panels in Nowy Sącz branch that will ultimately cover the roofs of virtually the entire production facility.

Already at the first stage of the implementation of photovoltaics in the FAKRO branch there are fitted photovoltaic systems in the quantity that would be sufficient to power 150 single-family buildings throughout the year. Their location serves to maximise the self-consumption of energy produced by the sun at different sites of the facility. The system has been launched at the beginning of 2022 and the amount of generated energy will allow FAKRO to save around 475 tons of CO2 emissions each year. The company has also two more stages of the implementation planned, which will eventually result in FAKRO receiving a certificate confirming the production of energy from renewable sources and reduction of the carbon footprint within its organisation.

In the second stage, the modules will cover nearly all roof surfaces of the FAKRO facilities in Nowy Sącz. The investment gains momentum and photovoltaic systems will be installed in the remaining facilities of the FAKRO Group as part of the third stage. This stage is scheduled to be carried out simultaneously with stage II and their implementation plan is for late 2022/2023. FAKRO is acting with respect for ecology and climate since the very beginning of its existence and this philosophy has been going on for 30 years now.

Wood for the production of our windows is harvested from areas with planned forest management, therefore everything is in harmony with nature and with the utmost care for future generations. For thermal insulation we use, among other things, natural, eco-friendly and specially selected sheep wool, which thanks to its appropriate density and high elasticity accurately fills the gaps around the window. FAKRO follows a special hierarchy of conduct in waste management specified by European standards and principles. The company strives to prevent waste formation by minimising its quantity and taking such measures as recycling, recovering and neutralising. Offering high quality and long-lasting products is in the company’s DNA.

“The ongoing implementation of the photovoltaic system will bring us much closer to the goal we have set for ourselves, namely climate neutrality by 2050. We are aware of the threat and in many areas of our activities we are looking for opportunities to introduce eco-friendly measures. These involve production planning, designing our products and their use throughout their entire life cycle,” commented by Janusz Komurkiewicz, FAKRO Management Board Member for Marketing.