Date: 27.02.2019
Author: James Smith

Case Study – Mearnscroft Gardens

Paterson Gordon Architecture were approached by Mr and Mrs Smith of Glasgow to bring their fresh idea to life.

Dine with natural light...

The idea behind the development began when the Smiths were living with cold and damp conditions of their previous conservatory.

They wished to create a bright, open space with abundant natural light
which would suit the lifestyle of their young family.

The hipped roof of the existing dwelling led to Paterson Gordon Architecture designing the extension with a ‘flat’ three degree roof pitch.

"We are delighted with the fakro flat roof lights - their modern appearance and excellent u-values combine to make an exceptional product."

Elaine Paterson Gordon
Paterson Gordon Architecture

"Allows us to bring in natural daylight..."

Elaine Paterson Gordon
Paterson Gordon Architecture

The architects refrained from imitating the form and materials of the existing dwelling.

Instead, they chose to use complementary materials which sit comfortably alongside the existing traditional building form.

To compliment the aluminium flashings which provided the roof with
a sharp edge, FAKRO DMF and DXF flat roof windows were selected
adding a great quality to the extension.

The use of these roof windows had been specified directly over the kitchen area to allow a sufficient level of light into the space. The remaining parts of the room were accommodated by storage units and appliances.

Using standard windows to bring in natural daylight would have used
up valuable storage space in the kitchen, so the DMF and DXF flat roof windows allowed the new kitchen to be flooded with natural light
from above, whilst retaining plenty of storage space.

As seen in the photos, the white interior as well as the natural light pouring through the kitchen has created a bright and stylish room suitable for modern family living.

Architect: Paterson Gordon Architecture
Contractor: Sitka Projects Ltd
Structural: Stuart Hamilton Structural Solutions

Paterson Gordon Architecture can be contacted on 0143 686 0355 and at:

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