Date: 21.06.2019
Author: James Smith

Case Study – Meadow Lane

Contemporary accommodation in historic Edinburgh

A student’s living space can heavily influence much of their lives, particularly mental health and educational development at such a critical time of their lives.

This is where exceptional design coupled with outstanding products can help. Fortunately, FAKRO offered the perfect solution in the shape of high pivot roof windows to illuminate spaces and ensure a positive learning environment for all.

At the beginning of the project the existing Georgian blocks were in a fragile state. Therefore, renovation had to be carefully navigated to preserve the condition of the structures.

Despite this, a range of FAKRO roof windows contributed to the successful transformation of the facilities. High pivot pitched roof windows (FYP-V’s) and accompanying L-Shaped combination windows (BXP’s) were selected, greatly assisting the delivery of natural light to the accommodation.

"FAKRO products were ideal, in terms of satisfying technical requirements such as trickle ventilation, solar control and security."

JM Architects

"JM Architects found FAKRO very helpful in terms of managing the process of integrating their products and we would specify their products again in the future with great confidence.”

JM Architects

High pivot windows are the perfect alternative to a traditional pitched roof window

They give better access to admire the surrounding area, allowing students a refreshing break from study with picturesque views Edinburgh framed beautifully.

Perfectly slotting into the eaves line limitations, FAKRO roof windows were easy to integrate as they’re compatible with the full range of roofing materials. As a result, the finished accommodation retains its elegant and robust detailing.

Now boasting a contemporary appearance, yet also complimenting the structure’s past, these rooms are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Their residents can now enjoy a bright, radiant living space which encourages learning and boosts productivity.

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