Date: 08.02.2019
Author: James Smith

Case Study – ZSL London Zoo

in 2017, ftp-v centre pivot roof windows in a combination were specified by architects WHARMBY KOZDON for a significant update to the ZSL LONDON 'giants OF THE GALAPAGOS' EXHIBIT SPACE.

FAKRO roof windows can be found in all kinds of unusual situations and installations; this project is an excellent example of the value and possibilities of roof windows designed in a combination.

Natural daylight was key to the creation of an environment reminiscent of the giant tortoises’ tropical natural habitat, not what you’d expect from a frosty London. So delivering maximum light into the space was key, hence the need for not only outstanding roof windows, but also in a combination.


This building has a mono-pitch roof in which architects Wharmby Kozdon used 18 FAKRO FTP-V CENTRE PIVOT WINDOWS in a series of combinations to account for 40% of the span.

The remainder of the low level, highly insulated structure is covered by an eco-friendly green roof to minimise energy consumption for both heating and cooling, vital in keeping the residents content.

Budget and build time on the project were limited as architect Mike Kozdon explained.

“We needed a roof which would provide large areas of evenly distributed natural light. The short construction programme did not allow for extended lead-in periods associated with bespoke products, so we looked for high performance roof windows which could be used in a variety of combinations.”

“They also needed to open fully in hot weather, provide trickle ventilation and be suitable for integration within a biodiverse green roof.”

"The FAKRO FTP-V provided the solution to all the problems and satisfied our requirements."

Mike Kozdon

The residents of the exhibit certainly appear happy in their home, and the building will be a safe and comfortable environment for them for many years to come.
Project: Indoor Animal House – London Zoo
Location: London
Design: Wharmby Kozdon

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