Roof Windows

WHY buy FAKRO roof windows?

If you are looking for roof windows, Roof Windows 4 You offer various styles to suit your designs. Roof windows are often used to increase the levels of natural daylight and enable fresh air to ventilate the room without causing unnecessary heat loss.

With features such as an automatic air inlet and the pioneering topSafe system, these are just two of the reasons to choose Fakro windows through Roof Windows 4 You. Our roof windows vary from centre pivot roof windows, preSelect top-hung roof windows (2-in-1 opening style), conservation windows, L-Shaped windows and access roof windows.

Bespoke options are also available whether that be in alternative sizes or in another colour. We can design windows in over 200 colours from the RAL Classic Palette. Just ask our Technical and Estimation Department and get a quick quote.

Roof Windows

The Right Roof Windows

Roof windows are chosen depending on:

1. Intended use and height of the room.

The correct amount of natural light in the room is calculated by the proportion of the surface of the window’s glass area to the total floor area. In a room for habitable purposes this proportion should be at least 1: 8, and in special rooms where more natural light is required the ratio should be at least 1:12

2. The pitch of the roof.

Height of the chosen window also depends on the roof pitch. The lower pitch of the roof, greater the height of the window should be.

The Window Placement

When deciding on the location of roof windows in the roof surface we should take into account an important principle, which states that the better illumination effects are accomplished by installing several windows in various parts of the roof than by fitting one large window.

Correct roof window placement

TopSafe roof window security
Roof Window Security

Fakro roof windows ensure safety and protect against unauthorised access to the room from the roof. The special topSafe system window structure reinforcement significantly improves resistance of roof windows to break-in attempts and protects against the sash opening under foot pressure if inadvertently stepped on.

Learn more about Fakro roof window security here >

The topSafe system consists of:

  • Innovative installation system of specially shaped hinges, which prevents wood cracks, pulling out hinges and pushing the sash inside. This solution is several times stronger than previously known and used.

  • Metal element strengthening the locking system.
  • Metal slat, making it difficult to break the window using tools. Toughened glass and structure reinforcement make FAKRO windows achieve at least class III safety for the whole window, including glazing as per EN 13049. FAKRO was the first company to introduce to the market a full range of windows achieving at least class III safety, setting a new standard in the roof window sector.

Roof windows to suit YOUR project

We work on various projects with customers throughout the UK to establish what style of roof window will work with their plans and designs. If you are unsure which windows are suitable we have a live online chat support administrator to advise on the roof window for you.