Roof Windows

Here at Roof Windows 4 You, we have an outstanding range of roof windows to choose from for your home. Whether you're looking to add a window to an existing room or are planning a loft conversion or extension project, you'll find a huge range of quality products to choose from.

Roof windows are often used to increase the levels of natural daylight and enable fresh air to ventilate a room without causing unnecessary heat loss. All of the rooflights here will help you to do exactly that.

Why Buy FAKRO Roof Windows?

If you are looking for roof windows, we offer various styles to suit your needs, including centre pivot roof windows, preSelect top-hung roof windows, flat roof windows, electric roof windows, conservation windows, and balcony-style roof windows.

The FAKRO roof windows here are manufactured with our signature build quality, combining premium materials, such as FSC-certified pine and high-grade glazing, with years of industry knowledge. So, you can count on these windows to be built to last by the very best craftspeople around.

Our windows each have a fantastic selection of benefits and features, with innovations like an automatic air inlet for improved airflow, our pioneering topSafe anti-burglary system, and a very user-friendly design.

Bespoke options are also available to suit your home. Whether you need alternative sizes or a specific colour, we can design custom windows in a variety of styles, including over 200 colours from the RAL Classic Palette. Simply contact our team who will be happy to discuss your options.


What type of pitched roof window is right for me?

There are many types of pitched roof window to choose from, including top hung, centre pivot, side hung, balcony, raised axis, and fixed closed windows, though which one is the best option really depends on your needs.

Our FAKRO top hung preSelect windows are a great choice if you want the extra space and unobscured view of a top hung opening mechanism, but would also like the flexibility of having the easy to clean, rotating sash of a centre pivot unit. They really do offer the best of both worlds. A side hung or escape window opens from the side, so you can operate it like a door if you want access to an outdoor balcony or need an extra fire exit.

There are more specialist options as well, including raised axis windows that have a higher opening pivot that allows for more clearance in cramped areas. Balcony roof windows are specially designed to open out into a small balcony, allowing you limitless views. You may wish to consider fixed closed roof windows if you just need more light without extra ventilation. We even have electric roof windows that can be operated at the touch of a switch — ideal for high or inaccessible ceilings.

Can I install a normal roof window on a flat roof?

No, in order to install a roof window in a horizontal roof, you will need to buy a specialist flat roof window that is designed for level surfaces rather than those that are pitched. You can find a variety of these windows in our range, including manual, electric, and fixed flat roof windows.

Can I use a roof window as an access or fire escape?

Yes, it's possible to use your roof window as an access point for a roof area or balcony, as well as allowing for escape from a fire in an emergency. Our side hung and escape windows are ideal for this, as they either allow the window to be operated in a door-like fashion or fully opened to provide uninhibited space for movement to the outside. On the other hand, you can use a top hung preSelect window in size 78x118cm or above as a means of escape too.

Can roof windows be flush with a roof?

Recessed flashing kits help the window to sit lower in the roofline - this is a popular choice as it helps the unit to blend more seamlessly into the façade of your home. Flashing kits are the foundation that sits beneath your window and within your roof and allows for the unit to be installed. Use our flashing finder tool to find one that will be the right match for your home.

Can you soundproof roof windows?

If you want to minimise the level of noise pollution transmitting through your window, you can choose a unit that has quality glazing and a high acoustic rating. Many of the roof windows in our range are available in premium double or triple glazing options and have been fully tested to provide a good level of sound isolation for your home. Simply click through to find out more.

Can you use a blind on a roof window?

To manage the light levels and heat transmission of your roof window, you may wish to kit it out with a specialist roof window blind that has been designed to work with a non-vertical window. Here at RW4Y, we have a wide range of internal and external blinds for pitched windows, as well as flat roof window blinds, to choose from.

What is the life span of a roof window?

A quality roof window that is properly fitted should last you many decades of regular use. You can be confident that all of the FAKRO units in our range have been designed, manufactured, and tested to the highest standards to ensure that this is the case.

Do I need planning permission for roof windows?

Adding a roof window to your home likely doesn't require planning permission, as it usually falls under your permitted development as long as it does not drastically alter your roof shape, roof surface or overlook a neighbour. If you're not sure, be sure to check with your local authority.

However, if you live in an area subject to regulations or reside in a listed or historic building, you may need to choose special conservation roof windows that meet the requirements that are set out by authorities. These units are designed to be inconspicuous enough to match the rest of the structure without impacting its significance.

The Right Roof Windows

Roof Windows are Chosen Depending on:

1. Intended use and height of the room

The correct amount of natural light in the room is calculated by the proportion of the surface of the window’s glass area to the total floor area. In a room for habitable purposes this proportion should be at least 1: 8, and in special rooms where more natural light is required the ratio should be at least 1:12

2. The pitch of the roof

Height of the chosen window also depends on the roof pitch. The lower pitch of the roof, greater the height of the window should be.

The Window Placement

When deciding on the location of roof windows in the roof surface we should take into account an important principle, which states that the better illumination effects are accomplished by installing several windows in various parts of the roof than by fitting one large window.

Correct roof window placement

Have You Considered Light Tunnels?

Light tunnels (also known as sun tunnels) are an ingenious way to bring natural light to even the darkest areas of a building, where there are no exterior walls. Seeing is believing > check out the difference light tunnels can make to your home here.

TopSafe roof window security
Roof Window Security

FAKRO roof windows ensure safety and protect against unauthorised access to the room from the roof. The special topSafe system window structure reinforcement significantly improves resistance of roof windows to break-in attempts and protects against the sash opening under foot pressure if inadvertently stepped on.

Learn more about Fakro roof window security here >

The topSafe System Consists of:

  • Innovative installation system of specially shaped hinges, which prevents wood cracks, pulling out hinges and pushing the sash inside. This solution is several times stronger than previously known and used.

  • Metal element strengthening the locking system.
  • Metal slat, making it difficult to break the window using tools. Toughened glass and structure reinforcement make FAKRO windows achieve at least class III safety for the whole window, including glazing as per EN 13049. FAKRO was the first company to introduce to the market a full range of windows achieving at least class III safety, setting a new standard in the roof window sector.

Roof windows to suit YOUR project

We work on various projects with customers throughout the UK to establish what style of roof window will work with their plans and designs. If you are unsure which windows are suitable we have a live online chat support administrator to advise on the roof window for you.