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Browse the wide range of loft ladders at Roof Windows 4 You to find everything you need to make your roof space easily accessible.

One of these FAKRO loft ladders is absolutely essential for anyone looking to utilise the extra storage room in their loft, as it allows you to get access without installing a costly and space consuming staircase.

Each loft hatch and ladder here benefits from FAKRO's signature build-quality and innovative design. Through a combination of premium materials and expert craftsmanship, the result is a strong and reliable ladder that can be safely used on a regular basis.

Features include an integral, insulated, fully-finished hatch, spring-assisted hinges, and an edge-sealed frame. The FAKRO hinge and bracket system gives a significantly larger amount of space inside the ladder than products using older technology, enabling items to be moved into and out of a loft with ease.

These loft ladder kits arrive fully pre-assembled for simple installation and can be installed by a competent tradesperson or DIYer.

Take a look at our range now and don't hesitate to give our team a call on 0333 600 9090 if you'd like more information.


Our range includes wooden loft ladders that are strong and capable of withstanding heavy, regular usage. They're very easy to install, with a choice of folding and sliding designs to choose from.


We have a selection of metal loft ladders that are user-friendly, with a lightweight frame that can be operated by anyone. They're also a very economical solution to loft access.


FAKRO scissor loft ladders are the ideal choice for anyone who needs their ladder to be as simple and easy to use as possible. These products can be installed quickly and adjusted to almost any ceiling height.


As well as our ladders and hatches, we also carry another loft essential: loft eaves doors. These can be fitted into a loft eave wall to provide access to the space between your roof and the wall for even more storage options.


Lastly, we have a wide choice of loft ladder and hatch accessories to make your access as functional as possible. Products range from balustrades to stile ends to installation brackets.

Easy access Loft Ladders straight out of the box

Get easy access to your non-inhabited home areas with the installation of a new, easy to operate loft ladder.

All our loft ladders arrive fully pre-assembled and designed for simple installation and improved accessibility and can be installed by a competent trades person or DIYer. Features include an integral, insulated, fully finished hatch, spring-assisted hinges and an edge-sealed frame.

Our ladders are all ready-to-install unlike some timber ladders which have to be dismantled prior to installation. The FAKRO hinge and bracket system gives a significantly larger amount of space inside the ladder than products using older technology, enabling items to be moved into and out of a loft with ease.

Loft Ladders

the easy to install loft ladder

Using or accessing your loft space is simple, easy and safe with a perfectly fitted FAKRO loft ladder. Whether it's constructed of traditional wood, sturdy metal or accessible scissor action, we have the solution that's perfect for your home.

They're all simple to install and space saving too.

For more detailed information on FAKRO loft ladders
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