What Roof Window is Most Suitable for High Humidity Rooms? | Roof Windows 4 You
Date: 21.08.2019
Author: James Smith

What Roof Window is Most Suitable for High Humidity Rooms (and every other room!)?

All our homes have rooms that experience higher levels of humidity, and this is where adequate ventilation is fundamental.A consistent flow of air is the pivotal factor ensuring condensation is avoided and inhabitants can breathe both freely and easy.

One solution has been carefully designed by FAKRO – well manufactured roof windows. Not just standard roof windows, but PVC roof windows which offer features that are beneficial to any room in your home!

Roof Windows with Ventilation Systems

FAKRO’s PVC roof windows showcase the V35 roof window ventilation system strategically located at the top of the window frame.

In order to instantly infiltrate the room with a fresh supply of air, all you need to do is open the vent fully.

Furthermore, the genius V35 air inlet is also capable of discharging air when natural, gravitational ventilation isn’t possible – ensuring your home always has access to that vital, clean air.

Positive Influence on Air Quality

Perhaps two of the most crucial elements to a home are fresh air and natural light; these factors ensure its inhabitants can benefit from the outdoors while inside.

However, it can be difficult to guarantee sufficient air quality in humid rooms where moisture can linger, namely bathrooms and kitchens. Fortunately, PVC roof windows help combat this.

FAKRO’s PVC roof windows boast specialised condensation channels at the bottom, in addition to the aforementioned V35 air vent. Thanks to this unique drainage system, condensation and the various health implications that accompany it can be evaded.

Boasting Excellent Aesthetics and Usability

Roof windows don’t just need to perform a function, they can add to your home’s aesthetic too. It’s favourable that your roof window enhances your home’s design as well as serving its purpose, and PVC roof windows are a sleek, functional and aesthetically pleasing option.

In terms of structure, they’re constructed of fully insulated and reinforced PVC profiles. But keep choice in mind as there is quite the vast range of PVC roof windows available, to suit both the demands of homeowners and unique architectural projects.

Whether you’re looking for standard pine roof windows, white polyurethane coated pine windows or PVC roof windows in white or golden oak, there is endless choice. Externally, some manufacturers even offer custom RAL colours, so you can colour coordinate your roof windows!

There’s also a unique 2-in-1 opening mechanism available that was introduced to the industry by FAKRO – the preSelect. At the flick of a simple switch, this roof window is interchangeable between top hung and centre pivot mode!

Evidently, there are many factors to take into account when choosing a window. PVC roof windows are often overlooked, despite being just as customisable and offering additional benefits to traditional timber roof windows.

Moreover, modern processes of re-grinding and re-extrusion means PVC can be kept out of landfill, maintaining environmentally friendly values like never before.

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