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Date: 01.02.2021
Author: James Smith

What Flashing Do I Choose for Zinc or Metal Panel Roofing?

If you're looking for the perfect flashing for your zinc or metal sheet roofing, to support your FAKRO roof windows, you're in the right place.

Your flat sheet or zinc flashing choices are:

Flashing for Metal Panel Sheeting EBV-A


  • Enables tight connection of a roof window with the roofing material such as panel sheet with prefabricated (system) joints.
  • Specially prepared elements of the EBV-A flashing allow quick fitting and aesthetically pleasing finish around the roof window. The need to perform complicated and time-consuming metal working around the roof window has been removed.
  • The window installed at the installation depth V does not protrude significantly beyond the roof surface which greatly improves the aesthetics of the roof.
  • Used in roofs with pitches 15° to 90° for V installation depth.
  • Available in EBS-A version for smoke ventilation windows and in EBW-A for side hung escape windows.
  • EBV-AT Thermo – On the inside of the flashing there is a glued flexible insulating material which adheres tightly to window frame constituting a thermo-insulated frame. Thermo-insulating material has excellent insulating values (coefficient λ ). Below the level of the batten the window is insulated by a wool insulating kit XDP.
  • All flashing kits are available in conservation style (RAL 9005 black).

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Flashing for flat sheeting including Zinc EEV


  • Suitable for window installation in flat sheet roofs. Designed to make the window fit neatly with the sheeting.
  • EEV/CU flashing is made of copper sheet.
  • EEV/TC flashing is made of titanium-zinc (bare rolled, shiny) sheet.
  • EEV/AL flashing is made of aluminium sheet.
  • As standard applied to individual windows in the slope of the roof. A series of window units may also be combined: — for installation at the depth V in horizontal, vertical and block groups — for installation at the depth J in horizontal grouping only.
  • Available in two different types allowing windows to be installed at two different depths in the roof construction V (0) and J (-3cm).
  • Standard installation depth of windows with the application of EE is V–version flashing EEV.
  • Can be used in roofs with pitches:
  • from 15° to 90° for depth V.
  • from 20° to 90° for depth J.
  • Flashing for flat sheeting available in EES/CU, EES/TC versions for smoke ventilation windows and in EEW/CU, EEW/TC for side hung escape windows.
  • Please consult your FAKRO Representative for details of other possible solutions for roofs with standing seam zinc or profiled steel coverings.

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