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Date: 17.04.2020
Author: James Smith

A Guide to topSafe Roof Window Security

"Topsafe roof window security from Fakro."TopSafe is the unique FAKRO roof window reinforcement system – setting standards in roof window security that gives you piece of mind in a safer home.

What is topSafe, and why do I need it?

A standard roof window may be easier to access than you may think.

If a property has a porch, balcony, or roof terrace, burglars may have ample opportunity to gain access. Therefore the same window security you would apply to your vertical windows needs to be applied to roof windows.

You wouldn’t take chances with your home security elsewhere, so don’t accept substandard security on your roof windows.

What makes topSafe special?

Since 2008, FAKRO have installed the topSafe anti-burglary reinforcement system onto all roof windows – as it is imperative to reassure either your customers or your family they are effectively protected against intruders. This means that FAKRO were the first to proudly stamp all their roof windows with the British Standard Class III – EN 13049.

The topSafe roof window security system is a simple but highly effective set of tried and tested additions to a standard roof window. In detail, the topSafe system has four key elements which improve the window’s security:

1. Hinge security

Innovative system of specially shaped hinges stopping wood cracks, the pulling out of hinges and the opportunity to push the sash inside.

2. metal elements

Metal elements strengthen the locking system.

3. Integrated metal slat

Integral metal slat which makes it more difficult to break the window, even using tools.

4. toughened glass

Toughened glass and structural reinforcements help FAKRO windows achieve at least class III safety for the whole window, including glazing, as per EN 13049.

Glazing security:

You can learn more about FAKROs enhanced secure glazing options here.

Improved resistance, from the inside out.

Improved resistance, from the inside out.
Not only does topSafe significantly improve the resistance of roof windows to break-in attempts, but it can also protect some of the clumsier among us from accidentally stepping on the window whilst accessing the roof ourselves.

TopSafe is THE way to protecting your family, your home, or your business from unauthorised access and unwanted visitors.

You can find all topSafe FAKRO roof windows here: https://www.roofwindows4you.co.uk/product-category/roof-windows/

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