The Fire Resistant Folding Wooden Loft Ladder (LWF)
Date: 18.03.2021

The Fire Resistant Folding Wooden Loft Ladder (LWF)

Have you thought about converting your loft into a non-habitable storage room? Not only will it provide more space within your home but it will also create an excellent selling point if you move in the future. It’s a fact of life that we eventually start to fill up all the space in our homes no matter how large it is. Loft conversions offer the perfect solution to store away the things you don’t want to dispose of, keeping them safe and accessible.

Another advantage of utilising your loft space is that planning permission will not be required. In some cases, they can be constructed in as little as 4 weeks. With little hassle involved, you can see why more and more people are opting to convert their lofts.

One of the main things to consider when converting your loft into a storage room is which ladder you require. A question that we get from a lot of our customers is – what is the safest loft ladder? At RW4Y, your safety is our priority and with that in mind, we recommend the new and improved LWF Wooden Fire-Resistant Loft Ladder as it’s perfectly easy to instal and use.

The LWF will make your life easier

You have probably thought about needing a loft ladder every time you’ve entered the loft and for good reason… Ease of access is one of the main reasons for installing the LWF loft ladder. A fitted ladder will give you improved stability and comfort. Plus, it will stop you from having to carry a heavy ladder up the stairs when you need to access your storage!

Long-lasting and Energy efficient

The LWF is built to last and includes a three-year FAKRO manufacturer’s warranty. Plus, the LWF has a U value of 0.6 so it provides high levels of thermal insulation. Achieving energy-efficient buildings is becoming a high priority for new-builds, renovation and home improvement projects alike due to its many benefits including financial savings and a reduced Carbon footprint.

Easy to install

It can sometimes feel like you don’t have time to make home improvements so we’ve made the process easy for you! The LWF ladder is preassembled and is supplied as a complete kit with the ladder integrated into the hatch so the fitting process is simple. However, we do advise contacting an experienced joiner or builder for further help.

Customised to your needs

If you’re renovating your home or making general home improvements, styling is key! Our fire-resistant loft ladder can be easily customised for your ceiling’s height, colour, and design. Optional accessories mean you can change product appearance and functionality to your bespoke needs.

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