Don't move, improve: Is now a good time to move?
Date: 21.04.2021
Author: James Smith

Don’t move, improve: Is now a good time to move?

With pubs, restaurants and shops being closed for the past year, many Brits have managed to increase their savings for a new home...But is now the right time to move?

Right now, there are a lot of unknowns in the world, so it is important to weigh up your options before taking the plunge. Despite the national uncertainty caused by Covid-19, the housing market has boomed during the first and second lockdown, due to the need for extra space and the stamp duty holiday. But what are the 2021 housing market predictions now that lockdown restrictions have eased?

A thorough analysis of the housing market by The Office for National Statistics suggests that despite the pandemic, house prices have risen in 2021. In fact, average house prices have increased over the year in England to £267,000 (7.5%). Whether you need a home office or gym, we all crave space more than ever.

Extra space isn’t the only reason why brits are snapping up properties in 2021, the stamp duty holiday has had a dramatic impact on the market. But what does it mean for the house buyer? The stamp duty holiday means that no tax will be levied on the first £500,000 of property purchases in England and Northern Ireland. The stamp duty holiday was due to end in March but has now been extended to the end of June 2021, due to uncertainty on sales falling through that had not been completed by the original date.

If the stamp duty holiday isn’t tempting you to move house, there is the option to improve your current property by following our top five tips on how to maximise your current space.

Try light and bright decor:

The key to making a small space look bigger is investing in light and bright decor, it’s no secret that neutral tones will make any room look bigger but how do you do it without making your space look clinical?

Variety in texture is key! Succesful neutral homes have depth despite their minimalist nature. You can add texture and warmth by investing in soft furnishings such as rugs, blankets and lots of pillows.

Another way to add personality to a minimalist aesthetic is to incorporate wooden furniture into your room design. When your palette is pared down, try adding a touch of warmth with a wooden coffee table or tv unit.

Make the most of your bedroom:

The key to maximising your bedroom space is to reduce clutter. The bedroom is your refuge from the world so make sure to keep unnecessary clothes and belongings in storage whilst you’re not using them. Here are three tips on how to reduce clutter:

  1. Pack away out of season clothes.
  2. Invest in an ottoman bed where you can keep unused belongings out of sight.
  3. Spend 30 minutes a week doing a declutter sweep where pack away clothes, remove any rubbish and tidy up your nightstands.

Create a stylish home office without extending:

You might think that you need to move house now that you need extra space for a home office, but you probably already have the room. A creative planning session and a little elbow grease are all you need to transform one of your existing rooms. It’s important that you create a working environment that is suitable for your business and in balance with the needs of your family…It’s crucial that you invest in this space as an organised and purpose-built office will help you to establish focus and enhance productivity.

A great way to create a space-saving office is to utilise an old cupboard that can be opened whenever you need it and hidden away at the weekends or when you have guests. Similarly, if you have a dressing table you could repurpose it as a desk until you return to the office.

Maximise your outdoor space:

Most of us have been spending time in the garden due to the lockdown restrictions. But are you making the most of your outdoor space? It’s been recognised that gardens and outdoor spaces can improve physical and mental health. Whether your garden is large or small, there’s plenty of opportunities to transform your outdoor space into a peaceful retreat that not only adds value to your property but also improves everyday living and wellbeing. Here are our top three garden tips:

  1. Ensure your outdoor space isn’t overgrown by regularly mowing your lawn and filling empty spaces with flowerbeds, decking or patio.
  2. When planning your garden, make sure to that you have a thorough plan as this will stop you going over budget and will provide insight into how many plants you need and how much furniture you can fit.
  3. Fill your garden with flowers and plants to add some much needed colour!

Invest in a loft conversion:

Did you know that a loft conversion is one of the least disruptive ways of adding more space to your home? If you’ve got unused loft space and in need of more room for storage or a home office, it’s worthwhile considering a loft conversion.

With prices ranging from £15,000 to £90,000, it’s a pricey decision but one that will benefit you long-term as it can add £50,000 to £100,000 to the price of your home. Even better, it can be completed quickly as average timescales range from 4-5 weeks and more complex designs around 15-20 weeks.

I think that we can all agree that it’s been a strange year! Many of us are itching for a change of scenery after a year of staying at home…But you should consider home improvements as a less stressful compromise.

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