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blinds for roof windows that put you in control

Roof windows allow you to flood rooms with natural light and fresh air, but sometimes you need privacy or protection. That's where our exclusive range of internal and external roof window blinds can help, with a touch of contemporary style too.

Internal Roof Window Blinds

Choose from our beautiful, easy to install internal blinds for privacy, light control and style. Choose perfectly fitting roller blinds, classic Venetian blinds, blackout blinds or something special for the kids rooms.

External Roof Window Blinds

For maximum protection from the sun and harmful UV rays. These perfect all year round solutions help protect against the elements and a to reduce noise.

Blinds - why

Enhance and protect

Protection from the sun and UV
External accessories provide the ultimate protection against solar gain
and UV while also reduce noise in winter from hail and rain.

Control of light
Regulate the amount and intensity of light entering the room. At one
extreme, you can have total darkness, even on a sunny day while at the
other you can simply use a blind to prevent light reflection on computer
and TV screens.