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Just 10 of so many reasons why FAKRO products stand above inferior alternatives.


A history of design and engineering excellence

With over 25 years experience under our belts, we're the leading innovators of roof window technology.


pride in delivering excellence in customer service

Experience and customer service second to none. Meet the team behind FAKRO GB.


Our award winning product range

Starting with our award winning product range the list of innovations is 25 years long - so for brevity here are 10 reasons why Fakro roof windows offer more for both home owners and window installers.

roof window with handle at the bottom

1. Handle at the Bottom

For easier access and use, this allows the window to be positioned higher up the roofline to give a greater spread of natural daylight into the room.

V40P semi-automatic ventillation

2. V40P Semi-Automatic Ventilation

Giving control of airflow into the room. Option of fully opening or closing the vent without touching or operating the sash.

topSafe anti-burglary windows

3. topSafe Anti-Burglary System

Unique reinforced elements to the handle, keep-plate and hinges result in FAKRO offering the most safe and secure roof window currently available on
the market.

sash guiding system

4. Sash Guiding System

Providing not only protection of the end grain on the sash joints but designed to allow the sash to close correctly within the frame and ensure that all seals work to maximum effect.

close grained redwood

5. Close Grained Redwood

Using only slow grown redwood ensures an aesthetically pleasing close grain finish. Guaranteed of being knot free on all visible surfaces.

condensation run off channels

6. Condensation run off channels

Moisture caused by condensation can escape to the outside thanks to a unique drainage system. Added to fully sealed internal joints which prevent moisture from entering into the timber - resulting in greater durability.

quadruple seal system

7. Quadruple Sealing System

Wiper and compression seals to the window and sash give a high level of air tightness and a first class weatherseal.


8. U-Values as low as 0.58

Market leading standard window U-value thanks to thermoPro technology and warm edge spacers to the glazing unit.

lacquered roof window

9. Fully Finished

A fully finished product, even in relation to non-visible surfaces on the sash.
Eco-friendly lacquer or polyurethane used to give a first class finish to all surfaces. Minimal aftercare required.

universal bracket system

10. Universal Bracket Fix System

Giving greater choice in the positioning of the window. No fuss L-Shaped brackets are fitted to the side of the window and directly on to the rafters (can also be fitted to the top & bottom if required). Choice of 3 fitting depths to suit most roof coverings.

Even more reasons why FAKRO roof windows are the superior choice

ChecklistIf you're looking for more reasons why FAKRO roof windows are the superior choice take a more in-depth look here.

History and innovation

The Fakro brand has long been trusted as a mark of quality and integrity.

Red dot logoWe're passionate about our products and believe they're the very best available on the market - but don't just take our word for it because we have the backing of industry recognised accreditations and awards to back this up.

In 2018 our DEF U6 Flat Roof Window was awarded the prestigious Red Dot Design Award, an internationally recognised product design and communication prize awarded by Design Zentrum in Essen, Germany since 1955. Red Dot is considered by many experts to be one of the most valuable trophies in the field of industrial design.

FSC logoAdditionally, FAKRO hold many recognised accreditations for both products and customer service including the FSC mark for responsible forestry as the wood for our windows is sourced from balanced forest resources and other controlled sources.

For more information on certificates held by FAKRO please visit our group website fakro.co.uk here.

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Customer service from the experts


With a network of thousands of stockists throughout the UK and internationally, FAKRO takes great pride in delivering not only the very best products, but matching this with superior customer service.

Because size is only important if it's combined with excellent local support, here at FAKRO GB we have you covered. Distributed from the heart of the UK from Southern Derbyshire we're on hand to help and support you, whether you're a home owner looking for the very best solutions, an installer looking for quality that matches your own service or an architect looking for the next inspirational design - we can help.

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So if you're looking for the leading roof windows, loft ladders or flashings talk to the UKs most committed and passionate experts today.