VisTech Vertical Windows


VisTech sash windows are available in two clever operating options to suit your tastes and your requirements:


Our VisTech sash windows offer both classic style and contemporary performance and engineering.

Throughout the UK, sash windows are used in many different types of buildings. From Victorian to Edwardian through to the new-builds of today, you can find sash windows in all of them.

VisTech sash windows are designed with two sashes that move up and down vertically. And, while old sash windows were prone to warping and didn't keep drafts out very well, our modern systems deliver the contemporary standards you demand.

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timber ash window


Our VisTech casement windows are designed with performance and style in mind, delivering sleek lines and easy opening options.

VisTech casement windows will enhance any new-build or refurbishment project. The choice of single, double, or triple glazing ensures your home will stay warm in the winter months and cool in the summer. Plus, there are a huge choice of colour and finish options, as well as a range of styles, locks, latches, and accessories.

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timber casement window

Why choose VisTech sash or casement windows - at a glance

Safe and secure

High levels of anti-burglary protection as standard across the entire VisTech vertical window and FAKRO roof window product range.

Outstanding U-Values

As low as Wm-2K-1 1.4 achievable, helping your home stay snug and insulated whatever the season.

Product Innovation

Unbeatable excellence, with over 25 years of product development in every sash and casement window.


We're very confident that the VisTech vertical windows in this range will be a great choice for your home. But, if you're still not sure or you'd like to find out more about these fantastic products, be sure to get in touch with the team, who will be happy to discuss your options.

Looking for more information?

It's all available in our VisTech brochure.VisTech Vertical Windows Brochure ison

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Choose your colour

VisTech sash or casement windows are protected by a special four stage painting process - but you cal also select the colour to match your lifestyle.

Choose cool Duck Egg Blue, classic Chartwell Green or contemporary Grey, the choice is yours!

Discover a world of Sash and Casement Window colour

Coloured windows

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