Roof Membrane

Roof Membrane


Here at Roof Windows 4 You, we stock roof membrane that can be installed beneath your roof covering. These Corotop membrane products are of the highest quality and you can trust them to protect your building interior.

Our breathable and waterproof roof membrane can be installed as part of a membrane roofing system. Each of these products will provide resistance to water penetration and ensure levels of vapour are regulated and balanced. They're also designed to minimise heat loss, which means that the thermal performance of your roof system is improved.

We carry a variety of Corotop products in this range, including Corotop Light, Strong, Blue, and Smart. As a result, we're confident you will find a membrane with the specification required for your project.

What's more, our roofing membranes are technologically advanced to perform according to the highest European standards and are the perfect companion when installing roof windows and roof window flashings alongside new tiles or slates.

Browse our roof membrane coverings today. If you need any advice on which one to select, you can contact us or give us a call on 0333 600 9090 and we'll be happy to help.