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Browse the selection of two-in-one top hung white PVC roof windows at Roof Windows 4 You, where you'll find quality FAKRO rooflights that benefit from our innovative preSelect mechanism. Each of these windows is made with quality materials and designed with functionality in mind.

Our white PVC preSelect roof windows use our specialist mechanism that allows the sash to be opened in two ways: top hung and centre pivot. This allows you to access the best features of both a top hung and centre pivot roof window for even greater flexibility and convenience.

The outward opening function allows for 0–35-degree positioning, increasing the usable area and providing an unlimited view. The pivot option allows 180-degree rotation, which is great for cleaning or using an awning. Simply use the sliding switch on the frame to set your preferred opening function.

The white PVC preSelect roof windows benefit from the same market-leading features as the other models in our range. Not only are they designed to seamlessly fit with the look of your home, but they're manufactured with high-grade materials to ensure safe and reliable operation.

Our preSelect windows also have an automatically adjusting vent to ensure heat loss is kept to a minimum, as well as a unique moisture drainage system. Alongside our white PVC options, we also have top hung preSelect roof windows available in natural pine, white acrylic, and white PU-coated pine.

Explore our range of top hung white PVC windows today and be sure to get in touch with our team or give us a call on 0333 600 9090 if you need more information.

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