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2-in-1 functionality

When it comes to innovation simplicity is often the best solution. This is where our preSelect window comes into play as it is a great example of simplicity.

Back at FAKRO HQ, the research engineers were tasked with designing a window that could combine both centre pivot and top hung openings with the use of one handle placed at the base of the sash. 

So the innovation bought us to a small green switch which has transformed the window. The preSelect window delivers on simplicity but also gives the user choice and functionality. The change between a top hung window and a centre pivot window seamlessly offers the best of both with no compromise.

preSelect Windows

choose your preselect colour

preSelect windows are not restricted to RAL 7022, there is also the possibility of enquiring about a bespoke colour from the RAL Classic Palette. For more information about this option please select the 'Live Chat' button.