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LST Loft Ladder Fitting Instructions and Information

Fitting instructions - LST FAKRO Fitting Instructions

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At Roof Windows 4 you, we have a selection of FAKRO LST scissor loft ladders that are a fantastic solution for smaller spaces. With FAKRO’s assured build quality as standard, each one is both reliable and durable, without taking up too much space.  

The scissor ladder construction extends and retracts effortlessly, taking up less space in the box and allowing the unit to be installed in compact openings — in fact, the smallest ladder is just 51 x 80cm. Plus, there’s no need for swing space, as with a folding ladder, which makes it a fantastic access solution for smaller landings.

The LST is incredibly easy to operate. Simply open the hatch using the built-in handle, then pull the scissor ladder to extend: the opening mechanism guarantees safe folding and unfolding. After use, push the scissor ladder back up into position and the hatch will close easily thanks to the in-built spring. In addition, its construction has eliminated the need for a lock.

The ladder length can be adapted to suit the height of your ceiling. Add tread additions to lengthen the ladder to fit your space or remove them to shorten it. All treads are non-slip, for peace of mind and easy access.

The FAKRO LST scissor loft ladder is equipped with a 3.6cm thick, white insulated hatch as standard. The box is made of quality timber and has quick-fit brackets to allow for fast, fuss-free installation and accurate levelling. A white hatch and sleek architrave ensure that the LST fits seamlessly into your ceiling.  

We stock lots more scissor loft ladders, so take a look at the full collection to discover more brilliant designs, including LSF fire resistant scissor ladders and LST scissor ladder models with integrated metal boxes for extra stability.

Order a FAKRO LST scissor lofts ladder to complete your loft space today. Remember, our team are always on hand to answer any questions — get in touch on 0333 600 9090.