Why FAKRO loft ladders

Why Install a FAKRO Folding Loft Ladder

Enable safe and easy access to loft spaces without the need for costly and space-consuming staircases. FAKRO ladders satisfy all technical and safety requirements whilst maximising ease of use and comfort.

Space Saving

FAKRO loft ladders require little ‘swing space’. The ladder is mounted on the hatch so that, when folded, its sections are neatly concealed inside the loft space.

Easy to Install

To make installation easier, ‘click’ fixings enable some FAKRO loft ladders to be fitted by a single person. All can be installed with ease and can be adjusted to suit ceiling height.

Ladders come fully assembled and do not require any additional pre-installation work.

Helpful Additional Equipment

In order to maximise comfort and accelerate installation of the loft ladder, additional accessories are available.

Loft Ladder Warranty

FAKRO loft ladders come with a 3-year warranty.

Discover a fantastic selection of FAKRO scissor loft ladders at Roof Windows 4 You. These extendable ladders are the ideal access solution for homes with very small landing areas, because the extendable ladder means you don’t need as much room to unfold the ladder. And, as the unit folds up compactly when not in use, you can maximise every inch of available storage space in your loft, too.

Accessing your loft is quick and easy thanks to the simplicity of FAKRO’s hatch mechanism, which ensures that folding and unfolding the ladder is perfectly safe. Open the hatch using the handle, then pull the ladder firmly to extend it and lock it securely into position. After you’re done, simply push the ladder back up to contract the hinges, and then push the hatch back into place. The mechanism will close the hatch, so there’s no need for a lock.

The stair treads are wide and anti-slip, and the hinges also function as handles for safety and ease of use. Another key advantage of our scissor loft ladders is that you can adjust the ladder to suit the height of your ceiling: simply add or remove tread additions as needed to achieve the ideal ladder length.

We offer three different kinds of scissor loft ladder, each with unique properties. The LST metal scissor loft ladder is a great all-rounder with an insulated hatch, while the LSZ metal scissor loft ladder is easy to install and has an integrated metal frame for added stability.

In buildings where fire safety is a priority, the LSF fire resistant scissor loft ladder will be ideal — it comes with a 60 minute fire rating. All of our scissor ladders have all the build quality and innovative design that you would expect from a renowned brand like FAKRO.

Order a scissor loft ladder with Roof Windows 4 You to start making the most of your roof space today. If you have any questions, you can always contact our team on 0333 600 9090 to learn more.

Detailed Loft Ladder Information

For detailed information on FAKRO wooden, metal, or scissor loft ladders and all available accessories download our handy PDF guide below.

PDF download

Don't forget if you need to know more you can contact us any time on 0333 600 9090 or by emailing [email protected] - we'd be happy to help!