Why FAKRO loft ladders

Why Install a FAKRO Folding Loft Ladder

Enable safe and easy access to loft spaces without the need for costly and space-consuming staircases. FAKRO ladders satisfy all technical and safety requirements whilst maximising ease of use and comfort.

Space Saving

FAKRO loft ladders require little ‘swing space’. The ladder is mounted on the hatch so that, when folded, its sections are neatly concealed inside the loft space.

Easy to Install

To make installation easier, ‘click’ fixings enable some FAKRO loft ladders to be fitted by a single person. All can be installed with ease and can be adjusted to suit ceiling height.

Ladders come fully assembled and do not require any additional pre-installation work.

Helpful Additional Equipment

In order to maximise comfort and accelerate installation of the loft ladder, additional accessories are available.

Loft Ladder Warranty

FAKRO loft ladders come with a 3-year warranty.

Here at Roof Windows 4 You, we stock an extensive range of metal loft ladders. These ladders and hatches will provide a convenient, sturdy and easy to operate access solution to your attic, so you can really get the most out of the storage space in your roof.

Whatever your needs, there’s a metal loft ladder to suit every home, as we offer an extensive array of styles with their own unique features. Our LMF fire resistant ladders are have an 120-minute fire-rating, while our LML Lux loft ladders come with a special support mechanism that makes opening and closing effortless. Our LMS folding ladders are a simple, space-saving and great value solution, while the LMK range is similar but with a handrail for added grip.

As every one of these ladders has been designed and produced by FAKRO, one of the most reliable names in the industry, you can count on them be constructed to an extremely high standard. They’re perfectly easy to open and close, and have a whole host of innovative features which make them safe and comfortable to use, like non-slip treads, and many models even feature handrails.

If you don’t have quite enough space in your landing for a folding ladder, then one of our sliding ladders or scissor loft ladders might be more suitable. Or, you’re looking to make your home as energy efficient as possible, then one of our insulated LTK Energy folding loft ladders might be a better choice. They come with a 6.6.cm thick hatch and a double system of seals to trap heat and prevent drafts, helping save money on your heating bills.

All of our FAKRO metal loft ladders can be fitting into your ceiling quickly and easily, and you can also purchase an installation bracket to make the process even simpler. This will also ensure accurate levelling of the diagonals.

Buy a metal loft ladder with Roof Windows 4 You today.

Detailed Loft Ladder Information

For detailed information on FAKRO wooden, metal, or scissor loft ladders and all available accessories download our handy PDF guide below.

PDF download

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