Energy Efficient Loft Ladders and Hatches

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Energy Efficient Loft Ladders

Insulated loft ladders to help to keep your home warm.

Energy efficiency should not be a secondary consideration when you're installing a loft ladder or loft hatch. With clever insulated hatches FAKRO loft ladders can achieve high standards of energy-efficiency helping you stay warm in the winter and stopping your loft hatch from losing valuable energy. As heat rises, inevitably it's trapped towards the top of your rooms, which is where your loft hatch will reside. Installing an energy efficient loft ladder and hatch will help towards reducing your carbon footprint and in reducing your energy bills with no compromise on usability or construction standards.

Passive House - highly energy efficient loft ladder and hatches.

The LWT Passive House loft ladder is a technically complex loft ladder and hatch design specifically developed to reach energy-efficient UK construction standards. They are installed with a kit which connects the ladders to the ceiling to guarantee a perfect seal and insulation with no additional thermal bridges. The LWT is provided with Passive House certification.

Energy-efficient standards

Installing the highest rated energy-efficient loft ladder from FAKRO, you could achieve the following results:

  • Heat transfer coefficient U = 0.51 W/m2K
  • Thermal insulation thickness = 7.4 cm
  • Hatch thickness = 8cm
  • Class = Class 4 (the highest) as per EN 12207

Installation Kit

loft ladder Installation kit

LWT kit allows for proper loft ladder insulation in the ceiling.

Triple Seal System

Tripple seal system loft hatch

LWT triple system of seals guarantees perfect tightness.

8cm Thick Hatch

8mm thick loft hatch

LWT special 8cm thick hatch is filled with polystyrene insulation to provide an excellent barrier and reduce heat loss.