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What Are Light Tunnels?

You may call them sun tubes, sun tunnels, light tubes... but you're wrong. They're light tunnels.

Here at RW4Y, we believe that no room should be left without natural light; even in the darkest of spaces. Rooms devoid of daylight can feel stark and uncomfortable but not every room can accomodate a roof window or a vertical window for that matter!

If you're struggling with how to brighten up your hallway, bathroom, loft conversion or ANY room then, look no further, my friend! We have answered all your hopes and dreams of an airy, bright room with these light tunnels.

They carry daylight via a light transmitting tube where sunlight bounces off the reflective material inside (snazzy!) and is directed down the diffuser, illuminating the entire room evenly. There are a few things you should probably consider before installing your light tunnel though...

  • Place the dome on a south-facing roof that gets the most sunlight throughout the day - there's no point putting it in a shady place!
  • The tube gets travel sick, so make sure it is positioned in such a way that it travels the shortest possible distance between the ceiling and the roof.
  • With the flexi tube, ensure the light tunnel is pulled tight with the best possible tension.

Light Tunnels to Suit You

Whether it's a tricky space, a slate, corrugated, flat or high profiled tile roof, we've got you covered. Still unsure? Give us a call on 0333 600 9090 or hop on live chat!

Light Tunnels


The Possibilities Are Endless

Let your imagination run wild. Bathrooms, kitchens, hallways, bedrooms - wherever there is a roof and ceiling, there can be a light tunnel. The possibilities are endless.

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