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Here at Roof Windows 4 You, our B2/1 flashings for high profile coverings can help you achieve the installation of roof windows in close proximity within a roof with a high profile covering of up to 90mm.

With a combination roof windows, you will able to enjoy better light and a unique look thanks to the increased amount of glazing possible in a smaller space. The B2/1 flashings will provide the foundation for roof windows in a horizontal, side by side formation.

In addition, these kits benefit from the fantastic design and build quality that is associated with all FAKRO products, so you can shop with confidence that you're buying something that will deliver a brilliant solution. You can expect these B2/1 flashings to provide a firm foundation for decades to come.

You may also find our other combination flashing kits of interest, including our B2/1 flashings for profiled coverings, slate tiles, and plain tiles, as well as B3/1 combination roof window flashings.

If you'd like further details on these products, give us a call on 0333 600 9090 and we'll be happy to help. Shop the range today.