At Roof Windows 4 You, our profiled roof window flashings sale contains some of our best flashing kits for roofs with a low- or mid-profile covering. You will find some great products available at discounted prices in this range.

The FAKRO flashings here are designed to add extra height (up to 45mm) to your roof window so you can get clearance over profiled coverings, such as textured tiles and corrugated materials.

And even though they may be reduced in price, they still enjoy all the benefits of our other profiled roof window flashings by FAKRO. This means you can buy with confidence knowing that you're getting a product with innovative design and solid build quality that will last for decades.

Need flashings of another type? You'll be pleased to know our roof window flashing sale has plenty of other options at great prices, including plain, flat, slate, and high-profile roof window flashing kits that may be more suitable.

Browse our FAKRO profiled roof flashing clearance to find some excellent deals. Contact our team for more information on these products or to check if they're right for your home.