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Here at Roof Windows 4 You, we stock a fantastic selection of AMZ solar awning blinds by FAKRO that can provide you with effective protection from excessive heat and light. Each unit is solar-powered, allowing you to save money on bills and do your bit for the environment.

Our FAKRO solar awning blinds can also provide effective light management for your interior, allowing you to control the light levels. You can combine them with one of our internal roof window blinds for total control over how much light enters your window.

These external solar shading blinds are designed to absorb radiation before it reaches the glazing of your roof window, stopping the heat from entering your home. The awnings here offer a very efficient way of maintaining a comfortable temperature in the summer months.

Thanks to their innovative in-built solar panel and battery pack, these external solar blinds can be operated by remote control without the need for mains electricity. This makes them an ideal choice for roof windows that are at a height or are difficult to reach, as they can be adjusted via a button. We also stock manual awning blinds, as well as roller shutters, in our external blinds collection.

You will be pleased to know that all of the blinds here benefit from FAKRO's signature build quality, using durable, weather-resistant materials. Come wind, rain, or shine, you can be sure your awning blinds will be up to the job.

Take a look at the solar-powered awning blinds here and we're sure you'll find a style that suits your loft conversion or extension. Feel free to get in touch if you would like to find out more.