Roof Window Security

FAKRO roof windows ensure safety and protect against unauthorised access to the room from the roof. The special topSafe system window structure reinforcement significantly improves resistance of roof windows to break-in attempts and protects against the sash opening under foot pressure if inadvertently stepped on.

The topSafe System Consists of:

  • Innovative installation system of specially shaped hinges, which prevents wood cracks, pulling out hinges and pushing the sash inside. This solution is several times stronger than previously known and used.
  • Metal element strengthening the locking system.
  • Metal slat, making it difficult to break the window using tools. Toughened glass and structure reinforcement make FAKRO windows achieve at least class III safety for the whole window, including glazing as per EN 13049. FAKRO was the first company to introduce to the market a full range of windows achieving at least class III safety, setting a new standard in the roof window sector.