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How to Transform Your Loft Into a Tranquil Retreat

23 April 2020 | Case Studies

After a busy day at the office, it is important to have a space you can retreat to and relax in the evening. We all need this place where we can both mentally switch off from the stresses of life, and physically switch off from all of the tech we surround ourselves with. Here we share some handy hints and top tips to help transform your loft into a peaceful, tech-free space.


We need natural light for health as much as we need darkness to sleep. Natural light brings warmth and vitamin D, even in the darker, winter months helping you feel closer to nature whilst reducing stress and anxiety.

Lofts can be darker places, but they don’t have to be! It’s important to bring sunlight into your new retreat, and utilise it to create a relaxing atmosphere. Roof windows are central to making your loft habitable but more importantly helping you create a healthy relaxing area to unwind.


Avoiding busy patterns and bright colours is the best way to convert your loft into a zen space. Neutral colours create a calming ambience which is the perfect way to end a day spent infront of a computer screen. But neutral doesn’t have to be beige; neutral means ‘without colour’ so think about includig ivory, taupe, black, grey, shades of white and (yes, even) magnolias. Depending on your personal taste, selecting a tranquil, neutral colour scheme can work for everyone.

For a little bit of inspiration, take a look at some of Dulux’s most popular neutrals:



Rather than dominating your loft space with technology, a perfect way to unwind after a busy day at the office is to hone in on the hobbies that bring joy to your life. Perhaps this means sharpening up on your music skills or finally dusting off the paint brushes and finish that masterpiece you’ve been meaning to complete for months. A zen, tech-free loft is an ideal surrounding to escape the worries of life and enjoy the small things.

If working out is your thing, a yoga mat or some dumbells are another alternative to a TV or games console. Failing that, simply lighting some candles, dimming the lights and settling down with a good book on a new comfy sofa is a sure way to transform your loft into a sanctuary.


You’ll need a cosy space with some real home comforts; a plush sofa, beanbags and cushions to compliment or contast the colours of your walls will create a space fit for queens (and kings). It may even be worth adding somewhere to snooze in your loft space if you are intending to spend a little longer up there.

Choosing the right colour, material and texture of bedding or cushions can make or break the ambience of the room, so here are some handy tips from Sophie Baylis to ensure you are taking the correct steps to a let the zen begin:


You should always check on local planning regulations which may dictate how and where you’re able to install roof windows - so get the right advice before making any changes to your property. If you are unsure, we have another handy guide to planning persmission for loft conversions.

For more ideas check out our beautiful loft conversions either on Pinterest or at our merchant partner website’s inspiration centre. Or why not follow us on Instagram for daily design ideas and beautiful loft conversion stories, we’d love to see how you convert your loft into a beautiful calming addition to your home!


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