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Glass Floors - Would You Walk Here?

18 March 2019 | Fakro News
FAKRO flat roof window

Terrifying Glass floors you wouldn't walk on - and one you would

Here at ROOFWINDOWS4YOU, we are used to the high-life - with FAKRO DXW WALK-ON WINDOWS being a particular favourite of ours...


What’s not to like about a smooth flat piece of toughened glazing set into a beautifully designed roof window? They’d grace any stylish terrace and bring plenty of light into the room below.

Whether it's Summer or Winter, garden parties on your terrace with an unusual, yet affordable, glass masterpiece will surely make your companions FAKRO-green with envy.

East Taiheng Glasswalk

Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge.jpg

The idea of walking across glass is quite surreal, but exciting – there’s a little daredevil in us all.

The RoofWindows4You Digital Team have been extensively researching glass floors and there are certainly a few jaw-droppers across the world. But even we would stop short at walking on some of these ultra-scary examples of extreme glass engineering.

So here’s the question, would you be brave enough to stride confidently across all of these perilous looking walkways? Or, like the RoofWindows4You Digital Team, would you retreat to the comfort of your own flat roof extension and enjoy the high life with a DXW flat roof window from FAKRO?

.Step into the Void

Yuntai Mountain Bridge 2.jpg

.Skyslide LA 3

Tower Bridge Glass Floor 2.jpg

Grand Canyon Skywalk 3.jpg

Step into the Void 2.jpg

More detail about FAKRO Walk-On roof windows. The benefits of building your own, very safe tourist attraction, with a DXW Walk-on flat roof window:


  • The DXW window is a very safe product that allows you to walk across its entire surface safely.
  • They have a highly energy efficient, externally laminated, glazing unit. This is a toughened and anti-slip pane which is wider around the perimeter, and has an internal safe laminated pane too.
  • Built with multi-chamber PVC profiles for additional reinforcement.
  • Superior heat transmittance co-efficient for the whole window is U-value 0.7W/m²K. (glass U-Value 0.67W/m²K).
  • Can be used on roofs with pitches between 0-15°.




See the full range and choose your size on our product pages here or chat through your options with the team now.


DXW Denver 1 (www)


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