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Case Study - Larbert, Stirlingshire

22 August 2019 | Case Studies

Flooding bedrooms with natural light

Situated in the cosy town of Larbert, Stirlingshire, another home can now enjoy gorgeous views in addition to boasting a bright, inspirational living space – all thanks to FAKRO roof windows.

Mr Wallace approached FAKRO eager to replace his old, outdated roof windows.

Exhibiting particular interest in the classic centre pivot PVC range, two PTP-V skylights were integrated into his bungalow. Installation took just one day for each roof window, from removal of the prior, obsolete windows to the brand new PTP-V’s. 

FAKRO’s PVC roof windows proved to be the ideal solution for this home for a variety of reasons. Offering the same benefits and features as traditional roof windows, they’re especially durable, require little maintenance and are a dream to clean.

The prior pine windows had to constantly be addressed due to flaking and the varnish discolouring – in contrast, because of their structure and materials, the new windows are immune to this issue.


There’s a reason FAKRO’s PVC windows are referred to as the effortless roof window!

Light flooding through PVC roof window

"They look and feel amazing quality - I would definitely recommend FAKRO roof windows!"

Mr Wallace

Internal shot of opened, PVC roof window

Internal shot of closed PVC roof window

"Installation was exceptionally easy and they look a million times better compared to our previous roof windows."

Mr Wallace

Roof window in pitched roof

Moreover, the elaborate V35 air vent system featured in the PVC range ensures Mr Wallace’s home will be thoroughly ventilated even when the window is closed. A constant flow of fresh air guarantees its inhabitants can breathe freely, promoting healthy living.


Initially, Mr Wallace was apprehensive about purchasing his windows before seeing and experiencing them in a tangible sense. However, as soon as they arrived, he was extremely pleased with the quality and appearance.

These two PTP-V’s certainly freshened up and injected more life into these bedrooms; they’re a much more effective alternative to the previous pine roof windows which were no longer fit for purpose. 



With bedrooms that look much brighter due to the sleek PVC finish, ‘more light is thrown’ into this living space and its inhabitants are exposed to plenty of natural sunlight!



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